Prefectorial Board 2010/2011 Installation Day

Such a long time didn't update this blog.
Life is pretty busy and challenging now as all the form 5 students are now busy preparing for Trial and SPM examination.

Ok I know I should posted this a month ago! Don't blame me.

4 Years
4 years of serving the school, 3 years becoming your senior.
I realise how reluctant I am to leave this board, through I always say i want to to leave the board so I can concentrate on my study. It is normal for some of the form 5 prefects to cry, seeing you guys growing from kiddo to now. the leaders of board.

Someone ask me whether i will still go for the prefect if I am given a chance, to back to the day in form 1. Hell yes! I answered,without doubt. People outside thought that prefects carried out teachers’ instruction blindly, prefects lead stressful lives. They do not understand the fun when everybody is working together, moving forward with the same pace , to our very own goals. We had numerous camps that made our bonds to be closer, we had dinners , we had trips. I have to say, prefect life is part of my school life. No prefect, school life will just be , bored.

We were doing a good job this year. But I have strong faith and confidence in the princess gang that they could lead the Board much better next year. And you guys, better don’t put me down.

And to form 4 prefects, leadership is action but not position. Whichever specific job you got, you still play an important role as a prefect and enjoy it, before it’s too late.

Happy birthday to me and Kavita

I've haven't blog for ages so i'm itching to write this post now. Well,today is my birthday.

WEN YAN is now officially 17 !

“ 1 more year, He is old and mature enough to WAtch Pxxx , movies for only above 18!” HAHA

My best birthday ever, though I know it’s not really that special for everybody. But there are simply just too many unexpected things happened.It’s kinda surprising when they brought me the Cake. Oh my goodness! I didn’t expect that at all! What I expect was just, well , uh, normal gathering , but I swear, I didn’t think of cake!

Feel warm and happy while in class after duty. the happiest moment in school always will be in the class, mingling around with those fool JOKERs?

Hereby, Thanks to all my friends who send warm regards to me and those who sang Happy Belated Birthday Song to me. I really appreciate it. Friends forever ya!!!

SPM ........My future

SPM result was out last thursday and I can saw the nerves for those who sat for the examination the end of last year.


I know, it's totally unrelated to me as I wasn't one of them and I having my sejarah paper on that day too. Just that,I wonder why,felt the spasm of panick in me too!

When I entered the foyer and there's are hundred of them waiting their results.I stood beside the last year 5s1 class to wait for the arrival of the results. YES,it's coming.

Everybody was there to wait and try to glimpse his result. Finally the teacher gave the paper and I heard people screaming, so I screamed blindly LOLX. Straight As, but not Straight A +.Haha

The best student of SMK BUD(2)is VANESSA,who got only an A,and A+ for other subjects!

Some jumped in excitement, some looked calm, even the result was so excellent,some looked sad,result wasn’t that good I guess.

While looking at this situation, I couldn’t help thinking, how should I react if I were in their shoes? Juniors in Form 4 kept telling me that, I will be like them next year, either jumping like a maniac or screaming like a monkey. Great Pressure exerted on me and I felt that I gonna burst myself!

Desperate for A+ man! I always thought A= is 95 % above, but it’s just bullshit ok? Can you imagine people all got 95 above for most of the subjects? Do you believe people all strive? at the 11th hour and ended up getting 95 % above for Sej, Moral, Add math, Inggeris … ? Certainly results go according to graph again.

Then What’s the point of changing the system , from 1A, 2A to A+ , A- then ? Foolish.

Back to main point.

I want to be the one who walks out from the crowd, with everybody looking at me,full of jealousy or envy . I admit, I am desperate for A+ , because it’s possible! I used to think that it’s a impossible mission , unless they’re genius. But now it seemed realistic.

I will study very very very very hard from now on . i want A+ , A+ , A+ , A +, A + ,A+, A+ ,A+ , A+ ,A+……

Well, I will do my very best to get it. But I promise, If my result turned out to be awful, I wouldn’t cry . What for? Those who cried over spilled milk are actually crying for their laziness . For me, as long as I do my part, it’s the end. it’s the God to decide, what kind of result i should get.

8 more months . SPM 2010 . Gambateh.

I am motivated!

A+ !

Presention - kursus kepimpinan

You think I had change a lot at the beginning of 2010 if compare to 2009?
I don't know whether i got change a not?
Why I say that? This is because after the presentation one of my friends ask me this question?
I don't know how to answer him?
But anyway I think u can see a different view of wenyan or Adam now.
This is what i can answer u.

Yesterday, we had a kursus kepimpinan. This year the kursus is better than last year. At least I will not felt bored throughout the activity. The most intersting part is the instructor called us to design our island. So my group and I had design an island which is fully of entertainment. Casino, extreme theme park, water park................ Our idea is made this island look similar Sentosa Island,Singapore. Besides that, You would be able to see all of us had a group discussion or mumbling non-stop in order to rememberwat to say.

Few minutes later.....
The instructor called us to stop drawing. Then we listen to other group presentation. I was not fully concentrate on what the other group presentation. I was busy preparing on wat to present.
At first, I was very nervous because this is my first time to face so many audience. If u call me to do a presentration in the class. I think there will no problem for me but if u want me to do a presentation in front so many people, I will feel so tension and nervous. So I started looking around and try to remember wat my mistake that i often make.

Few hours later............
Oh gosh my group was the last group to present. In the meantime my entire mind went blank and STUCK. I keep telling myself trying to make myself look more confident and this is the time for me to shine in front of my classmate and the juniors. I am the first one to lead the talk and I was satisfy with my presentation but i had do some silly mistake. Hopefully no one see it. Haha!
And I was very scared that Yenkhai will ask me question. Then after my group had finished the presentation then I ask Yenkhai isn't want to ask me question and greet him as "BROTHER". Thank you BROTHER for not asking me question. And I pay my tribute to Yasmin Ahmad because she is the one who started slogan 1 Malaysia. You can watch the movie and commercial that Yasmin Ahmad make is very meaningful and show truly Malaysian style and life. I learn a lot through watch her movie like "Sepet", "Mukhsin". This help me a lot in my presentation.

Yen Khai, Kevin,Wen Yang and Zhi Han did awesomely and calm. Hands clap for them .

Happy Chinese New Year

First of all, I would like to wish my friends and readers Happy Chinese New Year. For me, this year i'm not really celebrate chinese new year due my grandma was hospitalized. So I was curious how we take our reunion dinner. The reunion chinese new year is widely considered the most important event in Chinese culture and tradition. So my uncle decided to took us to hotel Equatorial to take our dinner. It is a new experience for me because every year I will go back to Sungai Petani,Kedah for the Chinese New Year reunion dinner. Eat buffet in 5 stars hotel! Wow! I think you all will experience this before. When u go for buffet, your parents for sure will tell u to eat more eat until u vomit. I still remember that day my stomach is fully of foods. But the foods is really nice. Then I started noticed my cousin and my younger sister. They just ate little of foods and the ice-cream is their favourite. I scolded my younger sister because this is waste of money. The buffet for the adult it cost RM84 while for the children below 12 years old it cost RM56. U know wat I ate the most? Oyster! I like oyster not because of delicious but it is the most expensive. One oyster cost RM6++ if u eat in the hotel.

Front door of the restaurant

There are so many foods there

My families

Next day morning, we ate our breakfast in Gurney hotel and it is buffet again. What the hell!! After breakfast, my family went to hospital and it is a good news when the doctor told my aunt that grandma can go back to home to celebrate chinese new year. We were very happy but we have to wait until 4pm. Then my dad took us to gurney plaza to watch true legend. The movie is quite nice and meaningful.

Take photo with the god of prosperity

We went back to KL on the fourth day of Chinse new year. This year maybe different for me to celebrate chinese new year but I have experienced what I never experience before.

Lastly, may the year of the Golden Tiger Year bring you greater prosperity, health and happiness. Wishing u and your family Gong Xi Fa Chai.

Tiger dance舞虎

After watching Malaysia’s first Chinese New Year movie Woohoo!. I'm started looking around the information about tiger dance. Happy to say, I have found some interesting about tiger dance and this tiger dance is also a part of chinese culture. MOST of us are familiar with lion and dragon dances, but the tiger dance, which also originates from China, is not commonly heard of in this part of the world. Like a lion dance, the tiger dance has its own kind of music with the drums, but the costume for the dancers embody the face and body of a tiger. There is even a striped, long tail. This animal also symbolises courage and vigorous energy, and it has been part of chinese culture for a long time. Besides that, “it is believed that when we perform a tiger dance during the Tiger year, there would be 60 years of good luck,”According to one source, the tiger dance originated about 300 years ago in the village of Lo Wu in Hainan. The village was at the time ruled by a celebrated female leader, Madam Xi. One of the ceremonies conducted whenever the local militia was about to leave the village for an expedition was the tiger dance.

舞狮、舞龙众所皆知,但君不知"舞虎"其实也是中华民间习俗,唯舞虎的渊源在本地无从考察,这门技艺也近乎失传. 自去年为迎合牛年而兴起的“舞春牛”后,今年也出现了舞虎,或许你在乍听之下会觉得这仅是“搞噱头”。但事实上,虎年舞虎的意义非凡,而华人早在数百年前就确有舞虎的习俗。


恰逢今年即将步入虎年,也在百分百本地制的贺岁电影《大日子woohoo!》的催化之下,让大马华人有机会以全新的角度,来探看这个300余年的中华文化。舞虎的动作较舞狮缓慢,且需以招式威猛、步伐稳重为主。"舞虎" 没有太多的花俏动作,主要动作为摇摆、静态和动态。惟却比舞狮费力。

This pair of bull,cow or ox dance have performed in penang last year

Someone putting the "tiger head"

"Tiger Dance"

Kicking start for 2010

This is the first post in 2010. Sorry for the lack of update. It quite a busy year for me as I have to face the big exam - SPM. I feel very nervous and I hope it will be a successful year for me. Today, En Ridzuan entered and start saying that this year is our last year and describing how old we are. Then I sudden feel pain in my heart. Yeah the day we are still in Form 1, when I still acting like kid, so fresh in my mind. But for now, few more months I have to say goodbye to school. I couldn't imagine that.

The school just begun for a week. Well I am enjoying the every moment in school. In prefects. In Class. When I’m free , usually in class, I will stop my current works, pay attention to my dearest classmates. Their movements, their idiot what… (checking for dictionary) .. yeah idiosyncrasies. Trying my best, to capture all this, into my mind, and bring it to the day I die.

Hopefully, time passes as slow as I want it to be…

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