Prefectorial Board 2010/2011 Installation Day

Such a long time didn't update this blog.
Life is pretty busy and challenging now as all the form 5 students are now busy preparing for Trial and SPM examination.

Ok I know I should posted this a month ago! Don't blame me.

4 Years
4 years of serving the school, 3 years becoming your senior.
I realise how reluctant I am to leave this board, through I always say i want to to leave the board so I can concentrate on my study. It is normal for some of the form 5 prefects to cry, seeing you guys growing from kiddo to now. the leaders of board.

Someone ask me whether i will still go for the prefect if I am given a chance, to back to the day in form 1. Hell yes! I answered,without doubt. People outside thought that prefects carried out teachers’ instruction blindly, prefects lead stressful lives. They do not understand the fun when everybody is working together, moving forward with the same pace , to our very own goals. We had numerous camps that made our bonds to be closer, we had dinners , we had trips. I have to say, prefect life is part of my school life. No prefect, school life will just be , bored.

We were doing a good job this year. But I have strong faith and confidence in the princess gang that they could lead the Board much better next year. And you guys, better don’t put me down.

And to form 4 prefects, leadership is action but not position. Whichever specific job you got, you still play an important role as a prefect and enjoy it, before it’s too late.


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